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The transport ships are very much like those in the film the Martian. Each vessel has a small crew in a habitual area, and docked to the spacecraft are cargo modules. All the cargo modules are of a standard size. There are some vessels specifically designed to transport people as well. Transporting people is much more expensive to transport than goods. The vessels go on long round trips using the planets to sling shot them back and forth. They are refuelled near each moon/planet/station on their route. They don’t stop, instead tug type vessels unload the cargo pods to space stations. Or transport people off.

In theory just PvE but if you dislike your fellow board members I don’t mind some politics and underhand tactics against them. You are all rich and powerful people in the Same company.

As you are all on the same board, if you don’t email back on a week, I assume your minions are dealing with stuff while you are on your luxury villa somewhere or in Vegas spending your money on hookers.

So so long as one of the four of your respond in a week something will happen. Effectively not being there means your voice is not heard at the board meeting.

You are playing individuals, but very wealthy and powerful ones. You can between you decide that you are heads of different elements of the company and thus have more power in those areas, or have no specific roles. So if you were director of research you have more power to shove the research one direction, but obviously if you make the research division not do stuff they want they can as a group pull funding away from you and form a new research division that isn’t “research” so doesn’t fall under your purview. You could also say one person is in charge of shipping around earth, one around Mars etc. So pretty open for you to do whatever.

It is going to be mostly event driven, as I have a set of things that will occur and want to know how you adapt to them. You can drive the story a different route if you so choose. Say you decide you want to diversify the company or something.

Going to give you more details of who you are and what kind of things I would expect. Will put an example scenario together to illustrate the idea. Effectively you tell me what you want to do, ideally you agree as a committee your actions.

So initially to give a rough idea, your company has around 200 space ships with 20 in reserve for special orders or to have as stand ins for break downs. The ships all do large circuits. You own several space stations, one at earth, moon, Deimos, Ceres, one on a Jovian moon (need to work out which one) and one at Titan. You are the only company to have a space station near Saturn, and have exclusive shipping rights with the company that is running the mines. It is a risky enterprise you all hope will pay off (or maybe one of you doesn’t want it to pay off and you can pin the blame on one of the other directors so you can gain more power). You have no stations at Venus or Mercury but still make deliveries there but not much. Another two shipping companies have most of the control there.

Your company owns the manufacturing, maintenance of your vessels. So you have a few factories. You generally are more an integrator of parts rather like automotive companies today. You would say build your own engines but things like radar and heating you might buy from a certain company and shipping containers are mass produced and all to a common standard.

An example situation might be that the main refiners of fuel have formed into a consortium and are trying to push up prices. So you could see several options, one is that you form a legal battle, another you bribe one member of the consortium to break ranks and undercut the rest, form your own block with the other shipping companies to increase your bargaining power, set up your own water to hydrogen/oxygen conversion plants and finally you could hire people to threaten or assassinate the people at the top of the companies causing you issues. So you would give me a plan and how you think you would implement it, and I can give some help as you have minions who can advise on feasibility of plans.

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