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Yumi Lee-Dreyfus has always sort challenges and experiences outside her families expectations


Yumi Lee-Dreyfus

The youngest daughter of Louis Dreyfus and Sun-ok Lee, Yumi Lee-Dreyfus has always sort challenges and experiences outside her families expectations. She is reputed to be a thrill seacker,
once taking part in PR stunt, where she raced the last 15 laps for the Porsche team in the grand prix Abu Dhabi. Despite having only a few days training she retained pole position, all to demonstrate the unbreakable hold the team had over the sport at the time. Dangerous stunts as not the only weapon she deploys her connections in the media industries

She is seen as some as a decadent and over exuberant socialite, while working for the company spending considerable budgets on parties and catering. The positioning of such a young woman to a position of such prominence has been put down by some as a attempt to carry favour with the Lee-Dreyfus.
Whatever the boards reasoning during the last few months Yumi has provided a rambunctious and charming face for Legacy Logistics.

The youngest daughter of Louis Dreyfus Yumi Lee-Dreyfus has been taken a freedom of action not seen amongst her elder brothers. Who have without exception have taken high profile roles in Dreyfus- Samsung group or subsidiary’s.

Its clear her family have had plans for their children and Yumi’s early life lists some of the world most elite educational institutes. After attending Eton collage she was due to take a year out, before attending Harvard business school and then likely finding a position in the families empire.
Yumi’s own plans came into effect at this time, as expected she travelled to the Northern Hwanghae Province in Korea to start her gap year. On arrival she switched volunteer schemes ditching the wholesome and photogenic local educational project. Instead she switched to the post war munition clearance around the Royal Tombs of the Koryo Dynasty.

She went on to further exacerbate her family expectations by winning a scholarship to study anthropology at the at the Sorbonne, Paris. Unwilling to scandalise the situation the family allowed this rebellion, yet ceased her financial stipend, which seemed to have little effect on her exuberant life style.
During her time at the Sorbonne she would often spend more time on excavation than in the library. Her studies leading her from the jungles of Peru to the deserts of Dhabi picking up an array of practical skills like light aircraft flight and practical mechanics.
Finally she shocked all by dropping out of her course only months away for her graduation, leaving behind an expected 18 point très bien garde.
Yumi went on to take a job in a friends start up media company Encore, taking a post as social media manager. This was the being of a string of highly successful and high profile roles in media management. Yumi used her reputation and sex appeal to pull attention when needed, equally to deflect it and shading employers with her celebrity when needed. As the years past the organisations she works for have grown in size as has flare for the dramatic, yet she has never courted work for or with a company of her families, studiously avoiding contact in fact .

Yumi revealed to global media her most recent role for Legacy Logistics, as she piloted the space craft out to the Moon to take up her to her most recent role. This stunt required months of careful training to take part in what was really for a carefully controlled PR stunt. Yet at home the pictures of her with her grade one pilot license did spark public interest in space and draw some investment opportunities if only briefly.


Lee-Dreyfus dinasty

The birth of the Lee-Dreyfus dynasty and business stems for the the rebirth of Korea and the controversial Sino-American alliance and invasion which sparked reunification.

The bloody unification of Korea in 2045 and the Sino-American invasion which ended finally the possibility of nuclear war and the Kim dynasty shaped modern Korea. The conduct of both the Chinese and Americans in this conflict would alienated them from both Korean popular opinion and amongst the political classes. This lead to a vacuum which many sort to fill the Dreyfus group being one of them with Louis Dreyfus forming forging a Franco- Korean mega corporation through marriage with the powerful Sun-ok Lee.

Samsung-Dreyfus dynasty control these company’s

French global conglomerate company that is involved in agriculture, metal, oil, energy and commodities (global processing, merchandising, trading and hedge fund), as well as international shipping. It also owns and manages hedge fund, ocean vessels, develops and operates telecommunications infrastructures and is involved in real estate development, management and ownership. Louis Dreyfus is one of the “ABCD” quartet of companies – alongside Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge and Cargill – that dominates world agricultural commodity trading

Chaebol Samsung Group
Chaebol Samsung Group, accounting for 70% of the group’s revenue in 2075. It is the second world’s largest information technology company by revenue. Samsung Electronics has assembly plants and sales networks in 80 countries and employs around 1000,000 people.7 Since 2055, the CEO is Sun-ok Lee.
Samsung has long been a major manufacturer of electronic components such as lithium-ion batteries, semiconductors, chips, flash memory and hard drive devices for clients such as Apple, Sony, HTC and Nokia.

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